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"Wolfman Jack" 


Wolfman Jack (center) with most of the gang at Magic 96.1 in 1989  (Photo contributed by Beverly Hobgood Piteo)

WOLFMAN JACK made countless appearances on Magic 96.1.  Although he never appeared on the jock schedule he would often just drop by and we'd have been fools not to immediately put him on the air whenever he felt like it.  His last visit was mere days before his death while on his national book tour promoting his biography, "Have Mercy!"  Charlotte was one of his first book tour stops and Los Angeles among the last.  While in Los Angeles he guest starred on Fox's "Married With Children" which would become his last nationwide television appearance.  By the time the episode was broadcast Wolfman Jack had died.  At the end of the episode the producers dedicated the episode to Wolfman.

Wolfman, his wife Lu and their daughter Joy made their home in Belvedere NC which made visiting Magic's Charlotte studios easy and we were always happy to see him. 

A WOLFMAN JACK TRIBUTE was produced by Magic PD Keith Abrams on July 1st, 1995 when news reached Charlotte that Wolfman had died at the front door of his home returning home to Lu from the book tour.  You can hear the tribute featuring Wolfman Jack on Magic by clicking the link below.  His driver was instructed to let him out at the gate because he wanted to surprise his wife.  He hiked alone up the long driveway carrying his bag, he rang the bell like a visitor would, Lu opened the door and our beloved Wolfie died in her arms moments later.  Ironically, Wolfie had started dieting and had lost a lot of weight while on the book tour because he knew his health situation was growing critical.  Ed.

Carolina Fun with Wolfman Jack in 1976 at 1390 WCSC-AM Charleston Beach Party broadcast from Isle of Palms.  (L to R:  Brother Dave (later of Magic 96.1), Wolfman Jack, Gary Baize, Monty Jett, Buzz Bowman)

Wolfman DJ's in 1977 at a live WCSC Dance Party Fundraiser for the Muscular Dystrophy Association at Charlestowne Landing.  Wolfman was always ready to help raise money for charities, especially for children. 


"Thank you for visiting today...but most of all, on behalf of each of Magic 96.1's devoted staff members over all the years, thank you for listening!" 

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