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Shafer & The Eggman's Kazoo Band marched every St. Patrick's Day

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"Your contact information is safe with us.  We will never share it with anyone!"



Donations:  Some people may choose help support the site with a small donation.  While any donation is appreciated, you should know that it is not tax deductible as we are a private online archive.  An accounting of how all donations have been spent is always posted on the Patrons page.  Donors may donate at the suggested annual level of $9.61 or may choose a lesser or greater level of support by submitting a "CONTACT US" form page email for instructions.  This website is actually more of a private club than a charity.  However unlike most private clubs, we leave all our doors open to everyone who would like to visit us.  Think of any donation as your membership dues.   

Site Privacy Policy:  We have a very simple privacy policy.  Your contact information is safe with us.  We will never share it with anyone!  Feel free to contact us without any fear that we will add you to any sort of abusive unsolicited commercial email lists or sell your contact information.  In fact, we will generally only email you in response to your inquiries or submissions.  If you choose to post content onto the site, we will email you once requesting you confirm your email address for us.  If you do not reply to the confirmation request or if your email bounces or is undeliverable for any reason we will not use your content submission.  Unless you specify otherwise, we will only use your first name and hometown on content submissions to further protect your identity but if you want we'll use your full name upon request.  It bears repeating that we will only post your content submission after we have confirmed you are who you say you are by replying to our confirmation request.


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