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Ron Harper had an early exposure to broadcasting. His mom was on a radio quiz show while she was pregnant with him. Maybe that explains why he would play DJ with a tape recorder and a record player (remember those?) in his room as a child.

The passion persisted, and after graduating from Texas Tech with a degree in broadcasting, Ron traveled up and down the dial thru various Texas radio stations, New Orleans, and Knoxville before landing in Charlotte, first at WLVK (then WTDR, and now WKKT) and then in 1990 to Magic. As a writer, Ron has created hundreds of successful commercial campaigns, and an episode of Laverne and Shirley.

For the past ten years, he has voiced radio sweepers, corporate productions, and commercials worldwide as well as a syndicated daily radio feature on The Beatles. He lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with his wife and his calico cat.

Ron with longtime Magic Fan Margaret Padget at the "Temps & Tops" Carowinds concert

"Where Are They Now?"

Creative Services Director

Cumulus Radio Cluster (WYGY, WMOJ & WRRM)
Cincinnati, Ohio

Editor's note:  Ron Harper served Magic 96.1 in various capacities over many years in Charlotte.  At various times he was morning drive personality, mid-day personality and finally settled into the production director position.  Currently he is working as Creative Services Director for the Cumulus Cluster of stations in Cincinnati.  Ron is a genuine Beatles authority.  He has even interviewed Yoko Ono (see the link below) and has a signed letter from Sir Paul McCartney.  His "BeatleBreak" radio feature is catching on, and is currently airing on at least nine different radio stations including the Carolinas' WBHC "Cruise 92" in the Hilton Head/Hampton, SC area.  He also was voted "Oldies Radio Magic 96 Employee of the Year" during his Magic 96.1 production director days.  The multi-talented Ron Harper was a vital component of Magic's long running success.  Ed.

(Other audio contributed by Ron is on the "Backstage" page.  He also contributed the jingles currently being used on both the home page and "personalities" page.   More Ron Harper content is coming soon!)


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