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Only with the gracious help of former staff and listeners can we hope to preserve enough of Magic's spirited history to paint a picture of how truly special this station, its staff and its listeners were.

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This site has been and continues to be a labor of love and is intended to be an ever growing archive of the long history of Magic 96.1 WWMG radio. 


This site is NOT affiliated with any radio station or corporation and receives NO financial support from anyone except those who voluntarily choose to become patrons of Tragic96.Com. Those who would like to help support the continued availability of Tragic96.Com are welcome to VOLUNTARILY become Patron Members. 


Proceeds from a Patron Membership are used to defray hosting costs, postal expenses to return submissions, search engine placement costs and any other miscellaneous expenses.  Patron Memberships are NOT tax deductible as we are a private archive site instead of a registered non-profit corporation.  We have no payroll and all labor is donated.  For more information on the site and how it is managed please view the FAQ page. 


Web space is not free, and this site has become an ever expanding collection of memories.  As the popularity of the site grows, more people will visit resulting in an increase in bandwidth demands which costs more as the demand rises.  Moving the site to a more economical hosting service is not the answer because we already have the most economical hosting I can find for a site this big.


Please help us continue to preserve what we envisioned as an ongoing tribute to one of the south's truly great radio stations! 


Expenses are kept to a bare minimum and all money collected is spent on the site.  Nobody makes any money off this site. 


Financial supporters are listed to the right for a minimum donation of $9.61 per year.    (At least 53 cents of this goes to PayPal fees.)  If you wish to donate more or less it is not a problem, just submit a contact form and we'll make it easy because every little bit helps!  If you wish to remain anonymous we will list you as "Anonymous #__" on the Patron roll.


An open accounting of membership income and site expenses appears below.  Those who have already become a Patron Member are listed to the right.  Thank you! 

(David Vasser, "Brother Dave")





Brother Dave (5th Renewal 1 yr April 26, 2011)

"Anonymous #5" In honor of Ricky Nelson and his contributions to Oldies Radio (5 yrs April 26, 2015)

"Anonymous #4" In honor of the Platters & Drifters musical contributions to Magic.  (4 yrs August 1, 2011)

"Anonymous #3" In honor of Elvis Presley & his great musical contributions to make Magic the best radio station ever!  (6 yrs August 25, 2015)

"Anonymous #2" In honor of "My Favorite Magic Memory" on December 23, 2002  (10 yrs December 23, 2015)






















HOSTING & DOMAIN FEE THROUGH 09-01-2006   $118.80

POSTAGE                                                                  0

Search Engine Submission Service (10/01/04)         $2.50

Globe Domain Hosting (12/04/04)                       $44.10

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TOTAL EXPENSES FOR YEAR 2004                       $201.40

PATRON MEMBERSHIPS RECEIVED IN 2004            $ 96.50

ENDING BALANCE 2004                                    -$ 104.90


BALANCE FORWARD                                         -$104.90

Postage 02-19-2005                                            $1.89

Postage 07-25-2005                                            $2.17

Globe Domain/AcuNett Hosting Fee 10-06-2005      $36.00

TOTAL EXPENSES YEAR TO DATE                            $40.06

PATRON MEMBERSHIPS RECEIVED                        $124.12

ENDING BALANCE 2005                                         -20.84


BALANCE FORWARD                                              -20.84

6/21/06 Domain Renewal through 9/16/07                 8.10

Globe Domain/AcuNett Hosting Fee 10-06-2006         36.00

TOTAL EXPENSES YEAR TO DATE                               44.10

PATRON MEMBERSHIPS RECEIVED                             76.12

ENDING BALANCE 2006                                            $3.08


BALANCE FORWARD                                                 $ 3.08

06/05/07 Domain Renewal through 09/16/08             $9.95

Globe Domain Hosting Fee 10-01-2007                    $36.00

TOTAL EXPENSES 2007                                            $45.95

PATRON MEMBERSHIPS RECEIVED                             $49.61

ENDING BALANCE 2007                                                          $ 6.74


BALANCE FORWARD                                                 $6.74

06/12/07 Domain Renewal through 09/16/09             $9.95

Globe Domain Hosting Fee 10-10-2008                    $36.00

TOTAL EXPENSES 2008                                            $45.95

PATRON MEMBERSHIPS RECEIVED                             $19.22

ENDING BALANCE 2008                                                         -$19.99


BALANCE FORWARD                                               -$19.99

PATRON MEMBERSHIPS RECEIVED                             $69.61

08/25/09 Domain Renewal through 09/16/10             $10.69

Globe Domain Hosting Fee 10-09-2009                     $36.00

ENDING BALANCE 2009                                               $2.93


BALANCE FORWARD                                                 $2.93

PATRON MEMBERSHIPS RECEIVED                            $57.66

Current Balance                                                    $60.59

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Annonymous #1 in memory of Chandler Allen 09/13/04   (1 yr)

Leroy Chamberlin 11/14/04   (1 yr)

Kent Dorsey  01/07/05   (2 yrs)

Darren Stevens 10/08/04  (2 yrs)

Ron Harper  RENEWED ON 01/05/06  (1 yr)

Sharon Chamberlin RENEWED ON 01/08/06 (1 yr)

James Story Jr.  01/09/06  (1 yr)

Haven Trent  (1 yr January 19, 2010)

Brother Dave (Fourth Renewal 1 yr April 12, 2009)










"Thank you for visiting today...but most of all, on behalf of each of Magic 96.1's devoted staff members over all the years, thank you for listening!" 

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