"I'm NOT a Magic Fan!"


As much as we here at the website LOVED Magic 96.1 in Charlotte, apparently not EVERYONE loved Charlotte's Magic as much as we did.  That is painfully obvious, or else Magic would still be on the air.  Number 1, 2, or 3 radio stations don't get their formats vaporized overnight.  So there must be some darn good reasons why some people who Magic hoped to attract as listeners were never happy with what they heard when they checked it out.  And there surely must be other reasons why legions of regular listeners who were once faithful fans became disenchanted enough with Magic to abandon it to its fate.  Other people still may have ideas of how it could have been saved from the downward spiral.  We want to hear from you. 

We feel an appropriate "period of mourning" has passed and it just might be a good time to hear from people as to why their listening habits changed so dramatically, or why then never listened at all but would have listened if only a few changes had been made! 

Our hope is that while the comments might be painful to those of us who were fans, the opinions of those who weren't fans may be beneficial to anyone contemplating a similar format in Charlotte, or even in saving a similar Oldies format station in another market and we're in favor of BOTH of those prospects.  



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Critical comments or analysis are posted here.  This site is NOT an official station site.  It is an unofficial tribute site operated by volunteers and supported by fans of the station.  Remember, your comments will remain posted here INDEFINITELY so please be responsible and considerate.  For example, "It Stunk" is not really a valid post.  Tell us WHY you think it stunk.  As is the case with all site content submissions, you must reply to our confirmation email for your comment to be posted. 

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"Hello, Good riddens to Magic 96.  They don't deserve a "tribute"...not hardly. Being an expert myself on regional music that was popular in the Charlotte area from the early 50`s to the 80`s, I will tell you Magic NEVER served the marketplace musically.  All it did was play the same terrible generic oldies that a station in Omaha, Dallas or Kansas City would play.  They never played any regional hits or hardly any R&B.  I have hundreds of weekly surveys from Big WAYS, WIST, WGIV (which was in the top 5 in Charlotte from the 50`s to the late 70`s ratings wise). Most (70%) of what's on those surveys Magic NEVER played.  I guarantee they never heard of most of them!  Charlotte was one of the key cities in the country for breakout regional R&B music in the 50`s & 60`s & Magic never played ANY of it.  Even Randy Rowland`s Beach show, he basically had to play mostly "hit" records that were huge all over the country.  I am a long time veteran of Charlotte radio myself.  I pioneered a few shows with Charlotte Specialty music where I would get over 100 requests in a four hour period.  That was on 1,000 watt AM WGIV, bad signal & all.  A friend of mine just told me about this site, otherwise I would have written this long ago.  Charlotte was a very unique, incredible city especially musically & Magic served NONE of that.  It seemed to cater to the transplanted, corporate types, not the real Charlotteans. GOOD RIDDENS TO MAGIC 96!"  Frank in North Myrtle Beach SC

"We are all entitled to our opinions, Frank.  My opinion is that you really should learn to spell."  Mustang Sally in Tampa FL



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"Thank you for visiting today...but most of all, on behalf of each of Magic 96.1's devoted staff members over all the years, thank you for listening!" 

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