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Hello everyone!  And I'm glad to be on the same web site as all these incredibly talented people.  And thanks to the people who brought this site to life, keeping us all together once and for all in cyberspace!  Ah, technology!  Live by it, die by it - or so it seems!
Unlike most of the folks that I share this list with, I am not a "boss jock/jockette" who's been spinning the hits for a lifetime.  Actually, before I had the opportunity to step into the Magic studios I was just a singer, a hostess of my own karaoke show trying like all the other singers of the world to hit the big time.  Well, as big as you can get in a karaoke bar!  And it was my desire to sing which led me to Magic. 
I was a big fan of Magic - listened everyday and had heard much ado about the Magic Band of Gold.  I didn't know who was in charge of it, just that I wanted to be a part of it!  So, I called the station and talked to Marty Thompson - program director at the time.  He told me he thought the Band of Gold was full and probably not hiring but he did have an airshift he needed to fill.  I'd never even thought about doing that kind of work but I told him "sure, I'd give it a try!"  It turned out to be the worst air-shift on the radio and the one that no one - who knows better - wanted to do!  My first night - or morning, rather at 3am on Sunday, I was terrified and might I say awful but I was hooked!  And I couldn't believe my luck!  What a sweet gig!
I had always been a fan of "oldies", thanks to my dad who surrounded me with great music all my life.  I loved the rhythm n' blues of the early 50's, Doo-Wop always did it for me and Elvis has been my all time favorite for as long as I can remember.  I had the opportunity to see Elvis in concert at the old Charlotte Coliseum in 1976 and my dad even managed to get his autograph for me.  It was my intention even at such an early age to grow up and become the next Mrs. Elvis Presley.  I was devastated when he died, I cried for days and I was only 8 years old.  When I "grew up" and came to work at Magic, Elvis just came naturally to me.
During my run with the station, I will never say that I was a great air talent.  I was good enough to keep the music going and get the weather on twice an hour.  And it turned out that at 3 in the morning on Sunday, that was about as much as anyone would ask for!  But I worked at it and slowly but surely I'd start showing up on the air in other hours.  One time, mind you it was a holiday and really didn't count but I even did the air shift normally occupied by the first lady of Charlotte Radio, Harriet Coffey!  For that 5 hours I was Queen of the World!  Until I started getting the "Where's Harriet" calls!  But you know I'd get calls in the middle of the night from folks asking "where's Harriet?"  "Can I speak to Harriet, please?"  And I would tell these people I'd let them speak to her but she's asleep in the back.  "Well, don't bother her", one guy said!  One thing's for sure about being on in the middle of the night on a weekend, it was always interesting!  And I never knew why it was so hard to fill.
It was Elvis Week, August 1999 when I struck up a conversation with Bobby Lane - the "Night Train" and assistant program director at the time.  I made some suggestions to him about some 'other' Elvis tunes that might work well being played for the Tribute to the King weekend.  He took my advice, in fact, he let me choose most of the songs for the entire weekend - and that's where it all started for me in the Elvis department, anyway.  By the Spring of 2000 Bobby and I had become pretty good buddies and embarked on our "long-running" Elvis @ Eleven show.  It was my intention just to write the show but Bobby decided to let me "co-host" it with him.  So it was, I came in every night at 11pm to spend 10 minutes on the radio talking about Elvis Presley!  And I couldn't have been happier! 
When I was asked to write a 3 hour program for Bobby and me to commemorate the anniversary of Elvis' death I jumped right into it.  I spent months putting together the life and times of Elvis Presley from start to finish.  Jim Shafer and drive-time's Boomer were both kind enough to lend a few thoughts of their own and I piled a few things on Kenny McClain, the production guy, who churned out some "king-sized" goodies to add to the sound of the show.  I drove Bobby crazy with questions and changes and concerns and then August 16th rolled around and it was show time!!  I was asked to speak of my favorite "magic memory" and this is it!  I brought in this giant poster of Elvis and lit a bunch of candles.  It was our very own "Candlelight Vigil" and we even tied it into the activities going on at the very same time in Memphis at Graceland.  Three solid hours went off without a hitch, every phone line stayed lit and the reviews were spectacular.  Bobby was awesome.  When it was over I was exhausted and more proud than I'd ever been!  WHAT A GIG!  The next morning I heard Jim Shafer talking about it in morning drive.  People were calling in to say what a great show Bobby had done the night before and wanted to know who I was.  Jim spent a minute showering us with compliments even suggesting that my show be submitted for some kind of award.  My eyes literally filled with tears and I pulled over as not to cause a wreck!  I got a call from Jack Daniel - our program director at the time - who congratulated me on a job well done.  The next morning the calls were still coming in to Jim and Egg and they were still talking about it.  That meant a lot to me - and for a little while I felt like a full-fledged, bonafide member of the best air staff ever put together.  Never mind that my main airshift started at 3 in the morning on Sunday!  If I never crack the mic again in radio - with those memories, I'll be ok!
I was asked recently how I felt about Magic 96.1 and just what it meant to me to work on a large market powerhouse.  Like I said earlier, I'm not a typical "radio person".  I didn't care about ratings (although I was 2nd once between 3 and 6am Sunday morning! - Not that it matters!).  I wasn't interested in moving up the air-shift chain nor did I care to become something like the "next first lady of Charlotte radio".  For me, my magic experience was an amazing time in my life.  It was just a lucky break that literally led me to people and events that would change my life forever!
My other favorite "magic memory" was at the Jingle Bell Hop, 2000 at Ovens Auditorium.  I didn't have a clue it was going to happen but when we were all being called to the stage, and it was my turn to be introduced, Bobby Lane went to the mic and said "I asked this girl to marry me, and she said 'yes'!  Nicole Anthony!"  The crowd went wild and the faces on the rest of the magic gang were PRICELESS!!  No one even knew we were dating!  So, I walked to the stage, showed off my ring and surely turned ten shades of red!  Then Brother Dave was introduced after me and he came out and said "Did you hear, Bobby and Nicole are getting married!"  And the crowd erupted again.  Next it was Darren "the Big Dog" Steven's turn and he came out and said just "I got Nicole her job at the station, Thank you."  And the crowd cheered again!  And so it was, for a brief minute, the entire Jingle Bell Hop was all about me!  And it was the coolest!  Not bad for an ex-karaoke singer.
Bobby and I did get married, in February, 2001.  "Loving You" by Elvis was played at our little Gatlinburg wedding.  We bought a house and filled it up with "retro" 50's inspired furniture and a massive collection of Elvis stuff!  Ultimately, corporate America replaced my 3am Sunday morning shift with a computer and I was no longer employed at Magic.  It was ok, though.  I got pregnant - believe it or not - on "Elvis day", August 16th 2002 and in May 2003 we were blessed with our beautiful baby boy. 
Bobby is still spinning the oldies in Fayetteville, NC and I'm now a "stay-at-home" mom.  I couldn't be happier - being able to spend time with our little son has been an amazing adventure and I'm never bored!  I'm hoping to take some classes soon and perhaps start a new career doing something totally off the wall.  As far as a radio career?  I didn't give much but I gained a lifetime!  How could I ever top that?!  WHAT A GIG!
To all the folks who listened - and actually knew who I was, HI!!  I've missed you!  And I'd love to hear from you again.  Drop me an e-mail and let's catch up!


Editior's note:  Since above was submitted, Nicole has returned to work in Real Estate at Scott Farmer Properties serving Gaston & surrounding counties.  Contact her for your real estate services. 

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"Thank you for visiting today...but most of all, on behalf of each of Magic 96.1's devoted staff members over all the years, thank you for listening!" 

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