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Above:  The 2003 billboard design, submitted by Jim Radford

Magic 96.1 Made News!

There are bound to be numerous newspaper clippings in the scrapbooks of Magic personalities.  Email scans of them to us and we'll include them here or snail mail them to us so we can scan them for inclusion here.  Links to scans of each press clipping submitted will appear shortly after the item is submitted.   Here we will also offer video files of television news stories and television ads.



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On Sunday September 5th, 2004, popular Charlotte Observer sports writer Tom Sorensen who was often on the Shafer & Eggman morning show as sports commentator posted this item in the hardcopy Observer and online.  Tom related what was going on with cuts on  the NFL Carolina Panthers to what happened to the Magic air-staff the previous Wednesday September 1st.  In a few brief lines he was able to demonstrate that he understood more than any other newspaper reporter what had happened.  This is because he was actually on the inside at one time.  Tom related what had actually happened to the people and not just to some inanimate "station."  (The link we had for this now leads to a blank page, ok who has a copy they can scan for the site?  TOM, are you out there?)

On Sunday September 3rd, 2004 this Skip Foster story appeared in the Shelby Star.  Shelby was technically Magic 96.1's city of license.  CLICK HERE

In May of 2000, Magic had created its own unique on-the-air live game for the audience to play which seemed like a great idea at the time.  It had super prizes including big money and a grand prize of a lake house.  Yes, we are talking about the ill-fated Magic 96.1 Bingo game on which tens of thousands had already been spent on promotion including a massive television spot campaign before law enforcement weighed in with their opinion that it was illegal and that they would prosecute. We have several items of content from the Bingo debacle all contributed by Darren Stevens.  If they had called it anything else besides "Bingo" it might have proceeded without legal entanglements.

Many Charlotte area stations that went the way of Magic 96.1 FM are featured at an interesting site called "That Was Radio Dot Com" which is administrated by Ric Patterson, who is the alternate curator of this site.  Ric has now started building a sub-web for Magic 96.1.  The sub-web is up, but like Tragic96.com it will be in development for a while to come.

Oldies 100.7 WTRG-FM in Raleigh is owned by the same company as Magic 96.1 and met the same fate as the company switched WTRG from the long running oldies format to country music on November 8th.  There is a new tribute page for Oldies 100.7 which also talks about what happened to Magic 96.1.  This site is administrated by Jimmy Storey in Durham NC. 

In 1997 Magic 96.1 went online with their first website designed by ADLAR/Charlotte Connect.  Adlar still showcases much of their impressive website designs for Magic on their own website.  CLICK HERE



"Thank you for visiting today...but most of all, on behalf of each of Magic 96.1's devoted staff members over all the years, thank you for listening!" 

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