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Magic Jock autograph session at a Jingle Bell Hop Show.  From front to rear Bobby Lane, Darren "Big Dog" Stevens, Randy Rowland & Eggman decked out in his red tails stage outfit for the performance by The Magic 96.1 Band of Gold.  That Eggman is a snappy dresser!  Submitted by Nicole Anthony


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The Magic Club Card was carried by many thousands of fans.

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"Thanks for the information about the demise of WWMG Magic 96. As a former broadcaster I was very appreciative of the quality of programming and on-air personalities. My concern with the decision is that the Charlotte area has lost one of the few truly great radio stations it will ever see.  I was away on vacation and when I returned on September 4th the Magic was gone."  Jim in Forest City/Bostic NC 

“Thank you so much for putting this website together.  It truly reflects the meaning that Magic 96.1 had to the city of Charlotte for the eighteen years that it was alive on the radio dial.  I have traveled to Charlotte for the past fifteen years over the summer for a two-week's vacation in July, and have been visiting for Thanksgiving for the past three years.  Whenever I would visit, Magic 96.1 would be the only thing on the radio dial.  From Shafer and the Eggman in the morning, to Boomer in the afternoon, Magic was great!  From the "Oldies Radio" days to the "Greatest Hits of All Time" Days all the way until the "Greatest Hits of the 60s and 70s" days, Magic was my favorite station of all time.  The great blend of the oldies and the wonderful personalities that graced Magic through the years was what really made it special.  I know that the oldies station in New York barely has the personality that Magic had, and it is not even close to being community-oriented as Magic was.  The last time I was able to listen to Magic was in July 2004, and I can be honest in saying that it was, in my opinion, the best Magic 96.1 had ever sounded.  With emphasis on the 60's and some music from the 50's and 70's, I was in heaven!  When I heard that Magic was gone in place of a rap/hip-hop format, I contacted my relatives in Charlotte, and everyone was so surprised and upset that oldies were no longer on Magic.  I felt the same way and am so upset that Clear Channel's business is more about the money than the people you reach out to in radio every single day.  But, I guess that's life.  When I arrived for Thanksgiving last year, it just wasn't the same without enjoying a "Holiday Hits" weekend and seeing Shafer and Egg at the South Park Tree Lighting.  It would just brighten my day to hear Boomer "Rolling through 30 minutes of non-stop MAGIC music!"  and the good old "WWMG Shelby-Charlotte!"  As you can see, one does not need to be a Charlottean to realize what a huge loss Magic 96.1 was and still is to the residents of the Queen City and to the country in general.  It was a true legend, and it went out in style.  But, at least I still have those old tapes of Magic.  Long live Magic's memory!”  Brett in Edison NJ

"Sad sad sad. No other words for it The feel good music is gone.  Magic 96 brought my husband and me together 10 years ago. WE were engaged on the station live when Boomer would broadcast on Friday nights in Rock Hill at Celebrations lounge.  Love you and miss you all.  Thank God I still have my records.  We live in the Rock Hill/York South Carolina area and listen to 90.3 FM. They play a lot of good oldies.”   Sharon & Mickey in York SC

“Great job with the web site!  Hated to see Magic go.  Did last listen to them back in 2003 while working in the Charlotte area.   The oldies outlet in Raleigh (Oldies 100.7) is also history.  But, there are other oldies stations that can be picked up in the Triangle."  Reuben in Carthage NC

“What the hey?! 96.1 The Beat??  Where did our oldies station go???  I'm still in shock! Magic 96.1 is what I grew up on and learned about my favorite band -- The Beatles!  I still have my Magic Club card and will never forget the fun times I had listening to all those great oldies.  (Now, let's see if "the beat" can last on the air for 17 years...)”   Jen in Charlotte

“Gotta say that I really love your website. We just lost Oldies 100.7 over in Raleigh so I know just how it feels to lose a great station that has meant so much to its listeners. Too bad the folks at CC didn't see it the same way.  Speaking of which I do have a "tribute" page for WTRG-FM that you might want to check out. The URL can be found by clicking HERE.  Thank you.”  Jimmy in Durham NC

“That day in October, riding home from the school where I teach, I turned on the radio.  I hit 1 and instead of my favorite radio station I heard rap. I thought it was a joke or something. Then I realized that the Magic was gone.  I moved here from Miami in 2000, where I listened to another Magic station,  Majic 102.7 WMXJ.  I was so glad to have found Magic in Charlotte at 96.1.   I miss the oldies, the on air personalities-the whole Magic thing.  Thanks for the 4 years I was able to listen. God bless you all.”  Ron in Mint Hill

"I am really missing all the fun that me and my family had with MAGIC. We will truly miss your presence on the radio. I wanted to pass on some info.   93.1 in the triad area is really good but alas no Beach.  Fairly comparable to Magic 96.1.  God bless you and take care and thanks for all the years of good clean fun.  A rarity in these times!"  Jimm and Family in Rockwell NC

"It's always sad to see a station where you felt as though you knew the personalities personally go dark.  Magic was the last station in the Charlotte market that had that personal feel as did Big WAYS in the 60's.  Thank you Magic for the memories!"  R. Duane Cozzen author of  the book "Live Radio", Claremont NC (Editor's note:  Many people compare Magic 96.1 to Big WAYS, not because they sounded alike or because there was any intention to duplicate Big WAYS sound, but rather because the spirit of FUN was in both stations.  A photo follows to show what the Big WAYS microphone flag logo used to look like in the early 70's.  The mic is a 30's vintage Turner 999 and it was NEVER used at Big WAYS.  Photo courtesy of Chalk Hill Media, Ed.)

"My kids and I were STUNNED when we turned on the radio and MAGIC was gone! We loved the music and the people on it- my personal favorite was the accordion oldie because I play the accordion (not well).  Also- someone wanted to know where Harriet Coffey went. I have heard her recently on 95.7 which is an OK station- they play a lot of the stuff that MAGIC did. However there is no news or traffic reports and none of the OTHER PEOPLE WE LOVED!"  Frank in Matthews NC

"To all who called with requests - I thank you. "It Will Stand" ...Racin' Randy"  Randy in Mt. Holly NC (*Editors Note:  We have posted a lot of content from Racin' Randy, also known as Rich Harris in Magic's early days!  More to come too!  You can access Racin' Randy's content from the Personalities page and the Backstage page. Thanks Ra Ra!  Ed.)


"My husband and I enjoyed dancing to Randy Roland's Sunday night beach music. Is he on any other station? We. miss that program. We miss the station."  Deb in Rock Hill SC  (*Editors Reply:  Randy's show is on Mix 106 Sunday's from 5 till 8 PM at 106.1 FM.  Ed.)

"I love the site! Thanks for keeping the memories alive!"  Lynn in Davidson NC

"Hey we moved to the beach and came home for a visit and we turn the radio to our 96.1 and it is now something called, The beat!" WHAT HAPPENED!!! We found yall's website and wanted you to know, Magic 96.1 will be greatly missed!!" Dawn in Rockwell NC

"Truthfully I think it stinks that everything has to be for money. If it were possible to boycott the advertisers along with the station I would. But since I refuse to listen to that stuff they play now that's not possible. Thanks for a good run!"  Catherine in Rock Hill SC

"I've listened to you for years! I can't believe Magic 96.1 is gone! I am so angry!"  MLB in SC

"The news that 96.1 had changed it's format saddened me very much. It's music could take me back in time to the wonderful memories of my childhood. It hurts us all that through the stupidity of it's owners we have lost something very special."  Karen in Gastonia NC

"Thanks for the information on what happened to Magic. Your website/tribute will be great and is much appreciated. Keep us posted on when and where the new Charlotte oldies show turns up -- because I know one will!"  Jeff in Hickory Grove SC

"To all the "Boomer" fans out there. I am really going to miss him on the air and I hope he gets back on soon. Have known Gary for many many years and always enjoyed listening to him when I came to Charlotte.  He is definitely a class act....hurry back buddy!!"  Phil in Whitsett NC (*editor's note:  Boomer has landed!  he's now heard 10 AM until 3 PM weekdays on Oldies 93 in Greensboro. Ed.)

"I'm really miss the "Magic" and especially "Sunday Night at the Beach". Hope someday we can have a close replacement."  David in Monroe NC 

"Since the music (and Magic) died, I have almost stopped listening to the radio. I thought that Magic 96.1 was the best.”  Ken in Spartanburg, SC

"On my way home from work I tuned in and there was this awful sound coming from my speakers...no Roy Orbison or The Beatles came from the speakers that day it was something else.  Something awful.  I was hurt.  It was like a member of my family was gone. Where would I go to listen to all the GOOD music, the classics?  I went to my Dad's and he was asking "What happened to my music station".  "That was the good music," he would say.  I guess they say all the good things must pass and this was, in the words of Martha Stewart "A good thing."  We will miss you Magic and all its personalities.  Farewell friends.  It truly was the day the music died."  Gretchen in Casar NC

"My dad and I would listen to you guys going to and from school. You are a great radio station and I am for one going to miss the antics and jokes everyday.  We love you guys!  God bless you all!"  Erin in Woodruff SC

"I was so upset and disappointed to learn that the music on our Magic was not the great oldies that we enjoyed on a daily basis. I am 24 years old, and grew up with Elvis, the Beatles, Frankie Valli, and all those great artists. (Yes, us young people enjoy that music, too!) Living in Granite Falls, there are no other oldies stations that I know of that I can get a reception from. (If any of you know of one, PLEASE let me know!) If I could just say one thing to Clear Channel, its this: GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR A** AND LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE!!! WE KNOW A GOOD THING WHEN WE HEAR IT, AND RIGHT NOW, WE AREN'T HEARING A GOOD THING!!!!! Thank you, Magic, and we miss you!!!"  Jamie in Granite Falls NC


"I hope the new owners of Magic 96 fall flat on their axx."  James in Huntersville NC  (*editor's note:  They are the same owners since 2000. Ed.)

“I lived in Charlotte for several years and was very disappointed to learn what happened to Magic 96. The same thing happened here in Atlanta when Oldies Fox 97 switched to a hip-hop format with no warning. The entire staff was fired one afternoon. Luckily, another station (105.7 I believe) almost immediately picked up the oldies format and several of the old fox 97 DJs so our lost hasn't been as bad as Charlotte's. Magic 96 will be missed.”  Michael in Atlanta GA

I listened to Magic 96.1 from 1995 till about 2002 I believe. I stopped listening because the station had started playing more and more music from the 1970s, which just didn't have the same charm as the 1950s and 1960s rock'n'roll. Given the trend, I wasn't surprised to learn today that the station no longer exists; I'm sure I wasn't the only listener who was turned off by the evolving format.

"I can only guess at why the music started to change...maybe the managers felt that they needed to appeal to the younger generation of listeners who grew up on 1970s music. Well, I was born in 1977, and I had never heard much music from the 1950s and 1960s till one day I tuned in to 96.1, and then I listened to it almost exclusively for the next seven years. It had nothing to do with nostalgia. It was just damned good music."  Walter in Lenoir NC

"I could hardly stand it the day the music died. I say that because I was pure country until I met Chuck Boozer some time ago. He wasn't with Magic, but he lost his job in Charlotte radio some years ago. I started talking to a weekend jock who turned out to be Kenny McClain. He was a jock on Magic, but now works at Magic as promotion director. I have more-or-less become "one" with most of the DJ's. I've followed Bobby Lane to Fayetteville and Boomer to Greensboro. I've also been in touch with Harriet Coffey. I hate to say this, but I'm back to country."  Margaret in Chester SC (*editor's note:  Chuck Boozer was actually with Magic 96.1 in mid-days after Harriet Coffey departed.  Chuck left Magic for a job at Kat Country but has since departed there.  Most recently we saw Chuck doing a week of guest hosting on "Fox News Rising" on Channel 18 WCCB-TV.  Kenny McClain former Magic overnight jock who was Magic's production director is now production director at WIBT 96.1 "The Beat" FM since Magic 96.1 is now radio history.  Ed.)

“I miss you guys.  My radios at home and in my cars rarely moved from 96.1.  What a bone head decision by Clear Channel?  I now listen to Oldies 106.3 out of Greenville (SC), but they were around while I was still listening to y'all and don't hold a candle to the old 96.1.  Good luck to everyone.  Thanks for the great music.”  Rick in Greer SC

"I can't believe they changed the format. The 96.1 oldies was the only station for good oldies music....  Yours Truly,"  Bruce in Concord NC

"To me the music died the day that Clearwater channels took over.  They took away one of the best DJ's that graced us daily at lunch.  From that time on I would listen on occasion but not like I did before when she was on.  I have since changed to the 93.0 format in Winston and I get to hear Boomer.  I refuse to listen to any ClearWater Channels now. We oldies need "OUR MUSIC" as well as the kids need theirs. Please bring the Oldies back to Charlotte."   Jackie in Troutman NC  (*editor's note:  Boomer works at "Oldies 93" which is at 93.1 FM in Greensboro.  "Clear Channel" owned "Magic 96.1" which they flipped to RAP as the new "96.1 The Beat."  Ed.)


"I thought someone had changed the dial. As a BIG WAYS fan in the 60's I loved MAGIC. It can never be replaced! I missed Harriet and now I miss Egg Shafer and Liz because I listened to them every morning. Thanks for the great memories."  Troy in Bessemer City NC

"I loved the station. There are too many hip hop stations now. If you want to sell to the "older" generation ( I am 43) then gear the ads to us. Use ads that are not annoying & I spend money. I don't sit around in a rocking chair clicking my teeth. (I have my own teeth) I resent that the owners think that anyone over 20 is worthless and our opinions don't count. Guess what, you too are getting older every day, unless you are Mork from Ork (google that).  So BOOOO!!!!" Donna in Shelby NC

"I was so GLAD to see that you started this. When I saw the "happy people" dancing and popping champagne corks on the news one morning I was hurt!"  Johnna in Hickory NC

"Thanks for keeping us informed-Magic was THE station-We are heartsick over what has happened to our radio family.   I'm so selfishly sorry to hear that Brother Dave has retired-but good for him. Glad to hear that Jim and Liz will continue. What about Eggman?  This has really rocked our world-What a difference music makes in our lives-we need that feel good down to my toes music. Some things should last forever-Please give all the folks at Magic our love-we won’t soon get over this one!"  Sue in Lenoir NC 

"I'm just sick about it. I'll especially miss Sunday Night at the Beach, Randy Rowland did a superb job!"  Tracy in Concord



Cartoon rights courtesy of  Thomas Bracewell,  http://cagle.slate.msn.com/politicalcartoons/

"The biggest thing besides Brother Dave we are going to miss is Beatle Brunch on Sunday's."  Cole in Monroe

“I hate to say it but I probably helped lose Oldies. The last, I'm going to say year, or so, it seemed that every time I was wanting to listen to the radio they were playing the Beatles. Now I don't have anything against the Beatles but I only want to hear "Yesterday" so many times in one day, ya know? I liked the upbeat fun of Schafer and the Eggman especially, and Harriet Coffey, I'm really glad I found this site and learned where she is because I have really missed her. I am sad to hear that Eggman has not found a new venue for his talent. How about the Band of Gold? Where can a person buy their tapes?  Have really been saddened to learn that once again the dollar has won out over good taste.  Go figure !!!!!!  I know to each his own.” Kay in Bessemer City NC  (*Editor's note:  The Band of Gold rocks on!  Visit their website, hire them for your party or special event and buy all of their stuff at BAND OF GOLD ONLINE.COM!   Eggman is a unique talent to say the least  and since your wrote has landed a gig in Denver. We miss him too. Ed.)

"Your new format STINKS!!! I want my Magic back!  What can we do?"   Pat in Kershaw SC  (*Editor's note:  It is not "our" format, it is the new format at 96.1 FM.  This tribute website is NOT affiliated with any radio station.  Please see the FAQ page.  It's long but worth reading. Ed.)

"Miss you already! Hope it won't be long until another oldies station comes to Charlotte. Can you tell me whatever happened to Harriet Coffey who used to be at Magic 96.1 and why she left the station? Thanks."  Donna in Charlotte  (*Editor's note:  Thank you for asking!  We have to answer this question honestly once and for all because  people still ask about Harriet frequently even 3 years after her departure which is a testimony to her success at Magic and Harriet's value to the station.  In what was possibly one of the strangest moves ever by any radio executive anywhere, some corporate executive decided that they would save a lot of money by not paying Harriet her salary and that they could hire someone to do the show at part-time pay for way less money.  They saved money in the short term, but lost about 50% of the station's audience in the process.  Maybe now they know what she was worth!  Harriet's doing better than ever in the mid-day slot at WXRC FM "THE RIDE" at 95.7 FM!   Maybe this will be the last time I ever have to answer the "what happened to Harriet"  question, but I doubt it.   If we know what happened to anyone who was ever on Charlotte's Magic 96.1, it will be on the "Personalities" page so check there first.  Ed..)

"My husband and I are terribly disappointed that Magic 96.1 no longer exists. We've enjoyed it for years and will miss it. We are upset that people consider the oldies as not an important part of our lives. To ignore this group of people is to ignore a large part of the population. Why are we forgotten?" Pat in Concord NC

"I live in Stanly Co. and I travel Monday,  Wednesday,  Thursday & Friday in counties east of Stanly and found 93.1 Greensboro & 96.5 out of Fayetteville both play oldies. I do miss 96.1. Thanks"  John in Albemarle (*Editor's Note:  Bobby Lane, formerly of Magic 96.1 is morning drive DJ at Fayetteville's 96.5 and goes by Rockin' Bobby Lane there.  Boomer, formerly of Magic 96.1 is mid day DJ at Greensboros Oldies 93.  I live in Stanly County too.  Ed.)

"I have listened to 96.1 for 18 yrs.  I do not like the new format."  Gail in Denver NC

"WHat happened? WHere are my oldies and what is that crap they are playing now? I was listening one week to my oldies the next week when I turned on my favorite station it was GONE. No warning NO explanation Just gone."  Susan in Maiden NC

"It IS tragic that good music has to be replaced with the (c)rap this station now plays.  What a bunch of garbage!  Rap Music = the only word in the English language where the 'c' is silent."  Jerry in Wadesboro NC

"I thought I had finally found a good oldies station since Magic shut down.  I can only get this station at night but it has a wonderful play list.  It is WSAI in Cincinnati, OH. That's the good news.  The bad news is that I recently found out that the station is changing it's format from oldies to liberal talk with Jerry Springer being the headliner.  I still listen to Oldies 93 in Greensboro; however, they went to an all Christmas format the weekend before Thanksgiving. Thank goodness that's over with on Christmas day. It really appears that the oldies stations are truly on the way out. Breaks my heart but with tapes and CDs, I will survive."  Al in Charlotte

"All of you who live near the NC SC border raise your antennas as high as they will go and tune in Oldies 106.3 in Greenville SC. www.oldies1063fm.com It will help tremendously with relief of oldies withdrawal!"  Jim in Grover NC

"I worked for KICKS 103.3 in Lenoir (WJRI's Sister Station) I was there a couple of years ago and at that time they changed formats from Oldies to News-Talk. I'm now in Asheville at 96.5 WOXL. We play the Greatest Hits of the 60's and 70's. www.965woxl.com" John in Fairview NC


3 Jocks inside the new Giant Radio Remote Studio circa 1988 getting acclimated to the idea of using this thing to broadcast from during remote appearances.  It was replaced by The Magic Diner which was much larger and far more comfortable.  The original diner was destroyed in a motor vehicle accident, but insurance replaced it with a nearly identical diner.  Later the second diner was replaced by "The Magic Bus" as the remote vehicle and used that up until the end of the format.  Photo submitted by Racin' Randy

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