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This page features a list of links to websites many Magic 96.1 Fans may also enjoy visiting.  We are interested primarily in Radio Station Tribute Sites, Oldies related sites including bands specializing in Oldies and we are also interested in sites directly related to the history of radio in the USA. 

We are interested in a link trade with owners of relevant radio related sites!  We will not swap links with other types of websites and will only respond to requests to exchange links with radio and oldies related sites. You post our link and we'll post yours!  Even if you don't exchange links, let us know about your radio history related site anyway and we'll add it if it is relevant.  Also, if we happen to simply find a link to a cool radio site, we'll arbitrarily add it here.  If you are a webmaster of a radio station tribute website or radio history site and want to trade links, please post our home page link as follows and then email us your information using the "CONTACT US" link on our main menu:

TITLE:  Tragic96.Com

LINK:   http://www.tragic96.com   


LINK IMAGE URL:  http://www.tragic96.com/tragic254x80.jpg

Description:  "A Tribute to Charlotte's World Class Oldies Station."


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  THATWASRADIO.COM Z-100, Magic 96.1 and MORE!

WCBS-FM Back from the dead! 


WJMK-FM Chicago kept their old website too, more oldies online!

Duanne Cozzen's Radio World


  Top Radio History LINKS


Radio Memories:  "FREE Old-Time Radio Shows"  RECOMMENDED! 

"What evil lurks in the hearts of men?THE SHADOW Episodes

Hy Lit Radio.Com The official web site of Philadelphia Radio Legend Hy Lit.  Listen to Hy Lit Radio worldwide by checking out the audio broadcast.

Radio Philly Style.Com:  A tribute to Radio during the Golden Age of Rock 'N Roll in this trendsetting city.

Bob Mayben's OLD RADIO GEAR SITE:  This site showcases 8 pages of old radio studio gear.  If this site has another purpose, we can't figure out what it is.  None of the equipment on his site was used on Magic 96.1 but some Magic 96.1 people had previously used this old stuff at one time or another and might get nostalgic for a Gates CB-100 turntable and RCA 77-DX microphones.  Like Brother Dave said every time he broke something around Magic, "They don't make 'em like they used to!"

Gates Radio Gear Galore!  Gates radio gear was everywhere in the 50's, 60's and 70's.  From transmitters to turntables and the consoles in between, Gates made it all.   

Invention of Radio -From Clemson University.



The Cyber Radio Network Listen to Oldies online FREE & anonymously.

VOTE HERE to save what oldies stations remain and encourage the corporate officers of the leading chains to reconsider oldies as viable programming in the 21st century!  Results will be sent to execs at Clear Channel, Infinity and Entercom.  It takes about thirty seconds to vote.

Dave "Apple" Appell's Personal Page introduces you to the man who shaped a large portion of the "Philly" sound in the 50's and 60's working on projects for Cameo and other Philadelphia based labels. 

Area Oldies Bands LINKS

Like classic music from the 50's through the 80's and need a band?  Then meet KOLLECTION, Central Carolina's Own Band playing nothing but great PARTY OLDIES!  Click their logo to the left to visit KollectionBand.Com

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