"Magic 96.1 History 101"


Study, there may be a pop test anytime!

On this page with lots of help we will endeavor to chronicle much of what happened at Magic 96.1 FM in Charlotte.  Memories blur and dates and times are not always clear, so please help us out by submitting additions, corrections and clarifications.  We will be working on this page indefinitely and you are invited to help by telling your favorite Magic story!

Pictured above is one of the legendary "Dalton Million Dollar Boxes" which were not exactly as empty as the inscription implies.   Inside each box was a check for the inscribed recipient's personal share of one-million dollars divided among station employees from the sale of WWMG "Magic 96.1" and WEND 106.5 "The End" to Clear Channel Communications earlier in 2000.   These wooden boxes with green marble inscribed lids were distributed at the Dalton Group's Christmas party at the Adam's Mark Hotel in 2000.  For most it was the best party they have ever been to in their lives.  A lavish farewell to the staff by Bill & Sue Dalton, who are the most gracious station owners ever known.




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Chapter 1

(Editor's Note:  A REUNION of everyone who worked at the 96.1 FM station in Shelby NC during the PRE-Magic days is in the works.  Click the CONTACT US link on the main menu if you worked there, whether you plan to attend or not.  We'll relay your message to the WXIK/WOHS Reunion Committee.  Ed.)

The Pre-Magic Era of 96.1 FM Shelby-Charlotte

Submitted by Kent Dorsey

Some pre-Magic history...
WWMG started as WOHS FM at the time of original licensure.  In 1978 it went to 100,000 watts and changed call letters to WXIK K-96 "The Live One" using the "Live One" image slogan because so many competing stations were automated.  It was a Top 40 format that was heavy on album cuts.  During it's heyday, it would place in the Charlotte ratings and beat some Charlotte AM stations.

Disc Jockey's, in as much chronological order as possible, were:

Bob Davis, Andy Foster, Jeffrey Owens (Longtime PD and MD), Eddie Bridges, Don Richards, Vince Golio, J. Worthington Smith, Rusty Price, Whit Keane, Dan Grier, Kent Dorsey, Dawne Conrad, Scott Miller, Jeff Champion. Bridges,Golio, Grier and Foster are still in radio, Grier and Foster at the sister AM station in Shelby, Golio reportedly in Anchorage, Alaska, Bridges in Gaffney, SC.  

Other staff members were: Longtime GM Harold Watson, Sales Manager and AM PD Calvin Hastings, Traffic Manager Stanley Elmore, Engineer Steve Greene, Salesperson Pam Sutherland, AM Staffers: Mackie Linnens, Laura Baxter, Jeff Champion, Edward Romney.


The station was sold several times during this era with the last owner being Capital Broadcasting, I believe, before the change to WWMG.  According to former Program Director Jeffrey Owens who is now a piano tuner in Charlotte, "Capital Broadcasting changed the call letters to WWMG.  They're the company that bought it from Shelby Radio Corp.  I think Voyager bought the station from Capital a couple of years later when Capital had to sell because the FCC wouldn't let them have Channel 46 and the radio station too.  Too bad the FCC changed how many radio and TV stations a company can have in a market.

(Editors note:  For details on an upcoming WOHS/WXIK reunion see the WHAT'S NEW column on the homepage of Tragic96.com!)




"Thank you for visiting today...but most of all, on behalf of each of Magic 96.1's devoted staff members over all the years, thank you for listening!" 

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