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"The Eggman"




Editors Note:  The wild-child half of the Magic 96.1 Shafer & Eggman morning show, the Eggman and his hot NBA Carolina Bobcats cheerleading outfit is available for pep rallies and if you need a spokes-model for trade shows.  Check out more of Egg's photos from the link below.  Over their eight year or so run, Eggman was the Costello to Jim Shafer's Abbot, or as the above left photo indicates he could also be the Gracie Allen to Jim Shafer's George Burns.  Charlotte morning radio won't be the same without it's scrambled Egg!  Though Egg often played the "bad boy" of the duo, it was all an act!  Both Jim and Egg were good boys, but they made a lot of racket in the mornings.  Highlights of Egg's regular routines were "Eggman's Top Five," "The Accordion Oldie," "Eggnac The Magnificent," "The Eggs Files" and the sensational live trivia game show, "Win Eggman's Stuff."  It was hard to beat Egg at trivia because he spent so much time hanging out at Barnes & Noble's magazine rack sucking down coffee and boning up on trivia.  He hated to lose.  Above right Eggman is pictured with his lovely wife Ginger and their beautiful daughter Anastasia in an NBC-6 news feature story after the couple returned from Romania where they adopted Anastasia.  Eggman updated us on his current job September 7, 2007 when he wrote, "I am the new National News Anchor and Editor for the Information Radio Network in Memphis, TN. The network syndicates news and talk programming to 500 - 600 stations across the US and overseas. It has been around for more than 10
years, and is a branch operation of a company called First American Monetary Consultants, a firm that specializes in precious metals (gold, silver) investing.  The website is, there is a link there to listen to the news programming on-demand. The closest affiliate to Charlotte is a station in  Asheville.  Previously Eggman was the Production Director for the Entercom cluster of stations including Alternative KALC-FM, Adult Contemporary KOSI-FM, Classic Rock KQMT-FM and Nostalgia KEZW-AM all located in Denver, Colorado.  Wonder how he looks in his Titan's cheerleader outfit? 


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