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Hurricane Katrina Inspired This Page

Magic 96.1 Radio had a tradition of helping those in need.  The tribute website continues the tradition by donating space for this page of disaster relief links.  Each link goes directly to the charity's main website.  The American Red Cross and Salvation Army are the "Big Two" disaster relief agencies.   But many other agencies are listed along with them below in alphabetical order.  Each of the agencies listed is a reliable and responsible charity.  Please give to one or more of the agencies below.   If you know of a reputable relief agency we missed, please submit their link on a "Contact Us" message.  You will also find a collection of informative links regarding disaster news, wise giving, family disaster planning and other ways to help disaster victims that won't cost you anything but your time.  While Hurricane Katrina was the reason this page was created, these agencies provide relief in all sorts of disasters!




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Thank you.


 Links to Responsible Disaster Relief Agencies

Please give MORE than once.  Give this month, give next month and give again the month after that.  The ongoing need will be such that people will need assistance just to survive at least well into 2006 and perhaps beyond.  No amount is too small.  Keep in mind that not one of the agencies listed below receives a penny in government funding and that they all depend solely on the generosity of people.        

All creatures great & small

The following agencies are accepting donations to support their self-appointed mandate of dealing with untold numbers of stray, abandoned and injured pets, livestock and exotic animals throughout any disaster zone in the USA.

Tips for Safe & Effective Donating 

Criminals know you want to give and they are always looking for ways to trick you into giving your money to them instead of the charity you think you are helping!  Read the following to make sure your donations go exactly where you want and actually do what you wish your hard earned money to do.

Want to do more than just donate money?

Become a Red Cross Volunteer and provide help in PERSON In disasters the size of Katrina, the Red Cross calls up all active volunteers in their nationwide Disaster Services Human Resources System.  The Canadian Red Cross and British Red Cross have also send manpower to the USA for major disasters like Katrina.  However the American Red Cross STILL needs MORE PEOPLE to deliver help NOW.  Contact your nearest Red Cross Chapter for information.  You can find your local Red Cross Chapter by clicking this link:  RED CROSS CHAPTER LOCATER and entering your ZIP CODE in the search field.  Red Cross volunteers going into the disaster area should first imagine the worst possible working conditions and know in advance that it is WORSE than you imagined.  In spite of the hardships all Red Cross volunteers are still expected to do a first class job.  All travel expenses and meals are provided.  All it will cost you is your time!

Have room in your home & in your heart?

If you have room to shelter one or more Katrina evacuees in your home, there are two new efforts just launched that will match your available space to a specific evacuee's needs.  Even if you have no money to give, maybe you do have a spare bedroom or an empty basement?  That might prove to be the best donation anyone could make right now!

Hurricane Housing. Org is sponsored by the "MOVE ON" political action committee.  But no matter your politics, this is one great idea.  Here is how MoveOn.Org says their new service will work:

  • You can sign up to become a host by posting a description of whatever housing you have available, along with contact information. You can change or remove your offer at any time.
  • Hurricane victims, local and national relief organizations, friends and relatives can search the site for housing. They say they will do everything they can to get your offers where they are needed most. Many shelters actually already have Internet access, but folks without net access can still make use of the site through case workers and family members.
  • Hurricane victims or relief agencies will contact hosts and together decide if it's a good match and make the necessary travel arrangements. The host's address is not released until a particular match is agreed upon.

    CLICK HERE for Hurricane Housing. Org

    Hurricane Housing Search. Org is a separate non-politically affiliated website started by an Internet firm in Georgia.  The name is similar and it functions in a similar fashion to Hurricane Housing.Org but is not affiliated with them.  We aren't sure which one started first, but both are great ideas.  

    CLICK HERE for Hurricane Housing Search. Org

    Fixing the broken circles

    Families ripped apart by Katrina.  Perhaps more so than any disaster in US history.  Getting back together in the midst of rescues and chaotic evacuations proved to be a hugely complex and difficult task.  Inside the disaster area spouses were separated, children separated from both their parents and people outside the disaster area simply want to know if family members in the disaster area were alive.  Often inside a disaster area, there basically is no communication resources functioning at all other than satellite phones and amateur radio transmitters. 

    Over the years of experience with major disasters a few agencies manage databases of people who are missing, others who are safe and seeking their stray family members.  Few disaster victims in the disaster area will have Internet access and not all evacuees who are safely outside the disaster zone will be registered so they have to be tracked down.  The telecommunications network is often for all practical purposes destroyed beyond repair.  In a disaster with major flooding like Katrina, what happened to the telecommunications network in a large area of the disaster zone was compared by telecommunications experts to taking your computer and dunking it in a bathtub full of water.  Even after your computer dries out it still isn't going to work.   

    The Red Cross has two different avenues to reunite separated family members within the disaster area and for those outside the disaster area to confirm that family members are safe. 

    First, the Red Cross's Disaster Welfare Inquiry Service is especially useful to people living outside the disaster zone desiring to check on family members within the disaster area.  The Red Cross offers this service after every major disaster in the USA.  To utilize the Red Cross Disaster Welfare Inquiry system from outside the disaster area you should contact your local Red Cross Chapter.  A response to your inquiry will take time but you will eventually receive detailed information on your family member's location and status.  You can find your local Red Cross Chapter by clicking this link:  RED CROSS CHAPTER LOCATER and entering your ZIP CODE in the search field. 

    Second, the International Committee of the Red Cross Red Crescent Family Links Directory was been opened up to Katrina victims and their families.   This service is bilingual (English/French).  Go to this link to access this voluntary self-registration site:  http://www.familylinks.icrc.org/home.nsf/home/webfamilylinks  You can also access this same database by telephone by calling a special Red Cross number:  1-877-LOVED-1S
    (Which translates to 1-877-568-3317.)

    To access other worthwhile online databases try the following links:

    More Disaster Information

    How does your favorite charity rate?  Click Here

    Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance, Click Here

    Hurricane Katrina Facts from Winkipedia, Click Here

    Federal Emergency Management Agency News, Click Here

    FEMA for KIDS, Click Here

    FEMA/Red Cross Hurricanes for Kids, Click Here

    Charity Tips from FEMA, Click Here

    Louisiana Homeland Security Agency, Click Here

    Louisiana Office of Emergency Preparedness, Click Here

    Louisiana Governor's Office, Click Here

    New Orleans Times-Picayune Newspaper, Click Here

    Gulfport/Biloxi Sun Herald Newspaper, Click Here

    Mississippi Emergency Management Agency, Click Here

    Alabama Emergency Management Agency, Click Here

    Alabama Department of Public Safety, Click Here

    Disaster News Net from Church World Service, Click Here

    National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster, Click Here

    WWL-TV in New Orleans,  Click Here

    Network For Good, Click Here

    Craig's List for New Orleans, Click Here

    Katrina.Com features links to helpful sites for Katrina victims, Click Here

    Red Cross Disaster Assistance info, Call (866) GET-INFO (866-438-4636)

    Red Cross "Be Prepared" Disaster Planning for Your Family, Click Here

    Red Cross Disaster Supplies General Checklist, Click Here

    Red Cross Family Disaster Kit Checklist, Click Here

    Red Cross Personal Workplace Disaster Kit Checklist, Click Here

    Learn how to prepare for and cope with disasters of all kinds yourself:  Contact your local Red Cross Chapter.  They offer free training to help you and your family get ready just in case.  You can even volunteer as a Disaster Relief worker yourself through your local Red Cross.  You can find your local Red Cross Chapter by clicking this link:  RED CROSS CHAPTER LOCATER and entering your ZIP CODE in the search field..  They will set up free disaster preparedness training for you, your family or your group!

    ASIAN TSUNAMI Relief News:  The immediate response is over, the long term rebuilding will take years.  Thank you to our site visitors who provided aid and comfort in a time of unprecedented need.  For more information on Asian Tsunami Relief programs visit the Tragic96.Com Tsunami Relief Page, Click HERE!

    About this page:  It was compiled from many resources including news reports, web searches and the oversight of a former Magic 96.1 employee with over 20 years of volunteer disaster relief experience.  If you know a good Disaster Relief or Preparedness site, submit their link using the information on the CONTACT US page on the main menu. 

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