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"Brother Dave"

Brother Dave in the Magic Control Room in the "still playing jingles on carts and music from CD days," watched over by a photo of  Wolfman Jack.  Circa 1999.

Dave's Station Badge for Remotes. Circa 1999.



Brother Dave started working part-time at his hometown radio station in 1968, before some of the other people on Magic 96.1 were even born.  He started full time radio in 1972 at WRFC while attending the Henry W. Grady School of Journalism at the University of Georgia's Athens campus and continued radio full time until 1990 when he went into government service. 

In 1991 he returned to radio at Magic 96.1 doing weekends and fill in work as his schedule would allow.  In all during his 36 year radio career, 5 years were in Athens & Atlanta Georgia, 1 year was in Cocoa Beach FL where he took up his surfing habit and 6 years were in Charleston SC where he continued surfing the many good surf spots along the Charleston area coastline.   In 1980 Dave moved to North Carolina and seems to be in no hurry to leave. 

Over his 24 years in North Carolina radio he worked at many stations including most of Charlotte's  legendary Top-40 stations of the 80's, sometimes under different names due contract problems.  He worked "undercover" as Chris Brothers at Z-100 for example.  Arriving at the Magic Corner in December of 1991 Dave was a weekend fixture there for nearly 14 years making it his longest stay ever at any station.  Dave still does voiceovers but has retired from radio.  "The best station I ever worked on was Magic 96.1.  It was the place to end my radio career.  From about 1999 on I knew Magic would be my last radio job because I realized that anything else would just be a step down.  I'm fortunate that I have other things to do that are more financially and emotionally rewarding than doing a radio show at this stage in my life.  I'll always consider the Magic 96.1 of 1991 to 2000 to have been the classiest radio station in the south and that is really why I stayed so long.  When you consider some of the class stations where I worked like WFOX FM in Atlanta, Z-100 & the Kaplan's WROQ in Charlotte, that's saying a lot.  Magic was the top of the heap.  I'll miss Magic 96.1 very much, but even more I'll miss all the great people I got to work with and the very best listeners in the world, Magic listeners!" 

"Where Are They Now?"

Telecommunicator Training Officer & N.C.I.C. Terminal Agency Coordinator

Stanly County E-911 Communications Center
Albemarle, NC

Bassist:  "Kollection" which is an oldies/beach/classic rock band based in Albemarle NC.

"Dave Says..."

A Message to All My Valued Radio Friends...

I have now retired from radio.  I have enough to do in other areas.  Magic was one of the best stations I ever had the pleasure to be associated with and it is a satisfying feeling to have ended my radio show days on a high note like Magic instead of some Podunk radio station reading the farm news and doing the "Swap and Shop" call-in show which is where I started and also where I might have wound up if not for some dumb luck.

Truthfully, I'd been considering retiring from Magic since about 2001 so I could spend more time with my family on weekends and get back into playing live music.  Now, I have that chance and I'll enjoy it! From my personal life viewpoint, I should have stopped sooner, but I was simply having too much fun.

In radio you don't get to say goodbye on the air.  It is considered amateurish.  Besides, they're afraid you'll say something nasty about the station, so it just isn't done.  But not saying goodbye after 36 years in radio including 6 years in Charleston and 24 years in the Charlotte area just didn't feel right.  Here's what I had to say but couldn't actually say on the air.

"Thank you for the fun.  Thank you for giggling when I messed up, and sometimes you were giggling a lot weren't you?  Thank you for listening to the radio in this modern world of MP3 players, satellite radio feeds direct to your car and 974 Cable TV channels at home.  There are lots of other things you could have been doing instead of listening to the radio.  I know that radio is NOT the center of the universe or the cure for cancer, although many people in radio do take it far too seriously.  Heck, it is just radio!  Thank you for your phone calls.  Thank you for your requests, and I'm very sorry I couldn't play them all.  But, I think I did play more than not.  Thanks also to those of you who sent letters and cards over all the years.  They meant a lot to me.

I want to send out just a very few special heartfelt thanks to some people who have it coming.  To all the engineers that had to fix the equipment I broke or needles I bent, I say thanks for making my job easy and working so hard.  Thank you John Foster for giving me a break and hiring me at your radio stations when I was just 14, and for allowing me to be horrible on the air without complaining too much about what a bad job I was doing.  I was the worst announcer in the world. 

To Merv "Plymouth Rock" Pilgrim for tagging me with "Brother Dave" in 1974 when we worked in Cocoa Beach together I say thanks for being such a great friend.  To Bill Conway for hiring me at Magic 96, which proved to be the best and longest running radio job I ever had, I must say a very special thanks!  It was a good run.  To the people who've fired me from various gigs over the years, all is forgiven because I ALWAYS found a better gig eventually.  And to all the other PD's who didn't fire me along the way I say, WHEW I pulled one over on you didn't I?   

Finally, thank you to the most gracious, caring and positive mom & pop radio station owners in history, Magic's Bill and Sue Dalton!  You two and that Christmas party where you divided up the million dollars among all the employees is another career highlight.  I've never even seen anything like that even on a TV show, well except for "Oprah."  That's something I'll tell my grandchildren about, in fact all of us who were there probably will.  Things like that just don't happen to most people, so here is a sincere heartfelt thank you for making it happen!

Thanks for listening...I enjoyed myself and most of all I enjoyed you."

Well that was the sign-off I never got to do.

One last little story.  They had an air-staff meeting one late afternoon at Magic.  I looked around and there was long-time ace PD Keith Abrams, marquis DJ's Harriett Coffey, Boomer VonCannon, Shaffer & the Eggman, Bobby Lane, Randy Rowland, Kenny McClain, and the only man present who had been knocking around the Charlotte Radio scene than me...Rockin' Ray Gooding!  The best radio engineer known to modern man, Gary Hattaway, wanders in and grabs a piece of pizza and a soda.  While Gary slips back out we all laugh at something silly Ray said about eating chitins, and it hits me suddenly that in this conference room was the greatest collection of radio people I'd ever seen at one station in my life!  And here I am right in there among them!  I knew it wouldn't ever get any better than that for me, so I made a mental picture of all these people with all that talent there in that one room and I'll never ever forget that moment.  Afterward Keith Abrams and I hung out in there playing some old Wolfman Jack airchecks.  I consider myself very fortunate to have been even a small part of things by appearing one or two days a week on the same station as all the other people in that room.  I have a tremendous regard for all the other talents who came and went at Magic 96.1 over the years.  It was a big, fat happy part of my life!

You know, they didn't call it Magic for nothing!

Happy Trails!



A rare "whiskerless" Dave photo circa 2001!  Nobody else used RE-27 mikes twisted down like that.  His show prep sheet is foreground with lots of yellow highlighter ink all over it.  Circa 2001.  Photo courtesy of Nicole Anthony

Dave's other activities have included helping out at three volunteer fire departments and over 20 years of service with the Stanly County Red Cross where he is presently a board member, disaster instructor and health and safety education instructor.  He is also a past chapter chairman and a former American National Red Cross vice-chairman for Western NC. 

As the founding force behind several websites he is the one who started up Tragic96.Com mere days after Magic 96.1 was flipped to the new format.  In addition he enjoys golf and plays bass in a local band that is headquartered in Albemarle called Kollection.  Dave lives in Badin NC. 

(Much more Brother Dave content coming SOON!)


"Thank you for visiting today...but most of all, on behalf of each of Magic 96.1's devoted staff members over all the years, thank you for listening!" 

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