"Magic 96.1 Backstage"


How Magic Was Made!

On this page you will find links to documents, other visuals, sound files and even software that will take you behind the microphone!

Magic 96.1 Control Room circa 2002. Contributed by Racin' Randy



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The last Magic 96.1 Air Schedule, shifts were scheduled for 11 days beyond Magic's existence.  Click Here

The last Magic Format Clock.  Click Here

The last Magic Promo/Liner Sheet.  Click Here

The last Brother Dave Show Prep-Sheet from August 28, 2004.  Click Here

Magic Music Log for Boomer's 3P-7P show, October 10, 2002.  Click Here  (large file-may load slowly)

Magic Program Log for Boomer's 3P-7P show, October 10, 2002. Click Here (large file-may load slowly)

Backstage Pass from 2002's "Jingle Bell Hop" show.  Click Here

Backstage Pass from 2002's "The Beach Boys" show.  Click Here

Jingle Bell Hop 2001 Lineup.  Click Here

Station letterhead used from 1998/2002.  Click Here

Cocktail Napkin from the Tenth Anniversary of Magic Celebration with Peter Noone live at Swing 2000.  We know some photos were made there, and would love to have some.  For now we have a napkin courtesy of Ron Harper.  Click Here

Backstage Pass from 2000's "Love Me Tender" Elvis tribute show.  Click Here

In-house newsletter "Channel Noise" issued shortly after Clear Channel's takeover.  Click Here

Magic "Fun Spot" refrigerator magnet circa 1999.  Click Here

Backstage Pass from the 1999 Jingle Bell Hop Show.  Click Here

"Elvis at 11" was a popular night time feature on Magic 96.1, produced by Nicole Anthony.  She has hundreds of Elvis at 11 scripts.  They are available for syndication, if your station is interested, contact us here and we'll put you in touch with Nicole.  Here's one!  Click Here

"You guys make a lot of money right?"  See this 1998 pay stub for the truth!  Click Here

One of "The Friday Thing" memo's from PD Keith Abrams, December 19, 1997.  Click Here

The "You didn't get the job" form letter.  Thousands existed but were usually torn up immediately making this one sent to Darren Stevens a rare item!  He did get hired a few years later and had a long run as overnight jock Darren "Big Dog" Stevens.  Click Here

1992 Magic 96.1 Holiday Greeting Card courtesy Beverly Hobgood Piteo.  Click Here

1989 Magic 96.1 Holiday Greeting Card courtesy Beverly Hobgood Piteo.  Click Here

1988 Carolina Beach Fling Backstage Pass.  Click Here


(For true fans, we recommend saving any audio files you think you would like to play again later!  Here's one way to do this.  1.  Open "MY DOCUMENTS" from your Windows "Start" menu.  2.  Double click on "MY MUSIC."  3.  RIGHT click anywhere in the file list that opens.  4.  In the option window select "NEW."  5.  In the decision window select "FOLDER."  6.  Name your new folder "Magic 96.1."  7.  Return to this page and RIGHT CLICK on any audio file you'd like to save.  8.  In the option window select "Save Target As" and then in the destination window for the saved file, locate your "MY DOCUMENTS" folder,  then click on "My Music" and then click on your new "Magic 96.1" folder.  9.  Then click "SAVE."  You will now be able to play the audio whenever you like without downloading it each time you'd like to hear it.  Just open "My Documents" then "My Music," and then click on your "Magic 96.1" folder.  You can then just click on whichever file you wish to play.  You can even rename them anything you wish to make it clearer to you what they are.  To rename a file right click on the downloaded file and select the "RENAME" option, then just type in the new name in the box and hit enter.)

Magic "B" Sweeper circa 1995.  Click Here

Top of the hour "Drake" Top of the hour bed for live voiceover used up until 2000.  Click Here

A montage of Magic 96.1 station promos circa July 2003.  One of our larger audio files at 6.2mb so allow extra time for it to download.  We suggest SAVING it to your machine so you can play it anytime!  Click Here

Composite aircheck of Magic96.1 prepared for out of town clients, circa July 2003.  This is one of our larger downloads at 3.1mb in full fidelity, so allow extra time to download the file.  Save it to your machine so you can play it anytime!  Click Here


The Magic 96.1 Screensaver software.  Three different screensavers and desktop wallpaper.  Click Here 






"Thank you for visiting today...but most of all, on behalf of each of Magic 96.1's devoted staff members over all the years, thank you for listening!" 

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